5 UI/UX Designing mistakes to avoid during Web App Development
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5 UI/UX Designing mistakes to avoid during Web App Development

Design is the most important aspect of your Web Application. The best and easiest way to woo your client is by building an eye-catching Web App. Hence, it’s advisable to take the most effective UI/UX Design Services from an Experienced UI/UX Designing Company. However, there are some common mistakes often made during Web App Development. 

Here in this article, we’ll have an in-depth look at some of them.

It’s just the first step

Businesses tend to assume that UI/UX Designing is the initial step in Web App Development. According to them, UI/UX Designers would design the app and subsequently, developers would start working. However, that is not the case. Designers should be part of the Web App Development process in every step. Only they can realize whether the Web App would cater to the needs of end-users.

No connection with users

The Web App should be designed from the end-users’ point of view. Hence, connecting with them and understanding their needs are the initial steps to take. They would only spend time on your Web App if that looks promising to them.

It’s only the designer’s job

All the responsibility of the look and feel of the Web App is placed on the UI/UX Designers. That’s the biggest fallacy of all. A UI/UX Designer can design the Website. However, the design is implemented by Frontend Developers, as quoted by area19delegate.org. Businesses often tend to confuse their roles and responsibilities. That, in turn, leads to incomplete and insufficient design. An adept UI/UX Designing Company would always guide you through the Design and Development process.

Complex layout shows creativity

Complexity in design does show the creativity of the UI/UX Designers. However, it is of no use to the end-users. They prefer easy navigation, clickable buttons and search options on the Web App. Only a trained and experienced UI/UX Designer can offer such solutions.

Stock photos help in business

Stock photos tend to annoy end-users. They are fake. The authenticity of your business is the only factor which impresses a customer. Hence, it is important to create images related to your product.

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