6 Top Tools for AngularJS Development
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6 Top Tools for AngularJS Development

AngularJS is one of the most trending technologies in recent times. Businesses tend to prefer AngularJS Development over others due to its efficiency, robustness, and high-performance. However, they often wonder which tools make the most of these features. Picking the right tool for Web App Development is a must.

Hence, let’s have a look at some of the most effective tools for AngularJS Development.


WebStorm is an essential coding tool available in the form of IDE. Developed by JetBrains, it comes with the Dart plugin. It enables AngularJS Developers to showcase the code without having to refresh the respective page. This, in turn, optimizes time. This tool is highly compatible with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Aptana is an open source Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Using its latest version, AngularJS Developers can easily create Web Portals. Aptana Studio 3 is the most effective tool for creating, editing and previewing Web Apps. In addition, it helps with debugging Apps. An adept AngularJS Development Company can get you the right solutions based on the most efficient tool.


The Protractor is an end-to-end Test Framework built by the AngularJS Team. It’s the most high-powered testing tool based on robust AngularJS Technology, as quoted by The Hindu. It enables AngularJS Web Developers to test Apps while it runs on the actual browser. Click here to know more about AngularJS Development Services.


Jasmine is the most efficient Test-driven AngularJS Tool for Web Development. It runs on all Javascript-enabled platforms. Its Behavior-driven Development tack makes it the most desirable of all.


AngularUI helps unite AngularJS Web Apps with diverse components. Multiple directives such as UI-Bootstrap, UI-map, UI-notification, etc are assembled to give the App an intuitive touch.


The ng-Table tool based on AngularJS augments HTML tables. It offers innovative features and styles to help improve AngularJS Development Solutions.

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