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The Effects of Technology Advances on Modern Education

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Research Analysis
Is Technology taking over Modern Edification?

The Twenty First century is considered as an era of technology. It plays an essential part in our lives. Starting from an individual to a country’s economy – technology has managed to leave an impact on all. The rapid growth of technology finds its roots in the human urge of time optimization. Also, it ensures that even the toughest of jobs can be performed with ease. Therefore, technology has impacted almost every field invented by humankind. Education is no different either. In fact, the future of edification is believed to be entirely dependent on the emerging technologies and machines.

A recent study by Forbes, however, is not quite in favor of the use of technology in the field of education. It depicts that computer usage in school reduces the average exam performance of students by nearly one-fourth of a standard deviation. Students in Harvard Business School also complained of less productivity during classes due to the use of laptops. The below image precisely describes the increased rate of gadgets and technology use among students based on a study by Deloitte.

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The use of technology in the field of education

Keeping the inevitable presence of technology in mind, Forbes has proposed the use of Blended Learning Model in schools and colleges. This model aims at effectively utilizing the benefits of technology while keeping its adverse effects at bay.

Let’s have a thorough look at how schools and colleges are making the most of this Blended Learning Model.

Latest use of technology in the field of education


Schools and Universities with branches across the country often make use of online tools and apps to have their students and teachers interact with each other. Institutes like Sikkim Manipal, IIM, and Symbiosis are utilizing such services for offering distance learning opportunities. Based on the same concept, an app called Glovico was designed. It enables students to learn foreign languages from teachers across the country through online classes.

“ A recent study shows that 90% of parents and 85% of teachers prefer digital study material available on online learning platforms over textbooks.”
Increasing rate of Interest in digital learning
Increasing rate of interest in digital learning

Educational games and videos

Educational games are believed to be more helpful when it comes to teaching kids. They are fun and interesting. Moreover, kids can easily connect with the content as it holds their attention. For instance, the Mobile App Byju has successfully achieved this by incorporating catchy study contents for young learners.

Web seminars

Every school and university doesn’t possess enough resources to arrange for field trips for its students. However, with the availability of online learning platforms, students can easily attend web seminars conducted by museums and educational institutes. NASA offers one such web seminar which allows research students to talk with astronauts in space.

Social network and blogs

Modern schools and colleges endorse the use of social network and blogging sites. Websites like piazza.com and epals.com make it easy for fellow students and educators to connect with each other over the internet. Also, free blog hosting sites such as blogger.com and wordress.org help create free classroom blogs. Students are often encouraged to create their own blogs to share educational knowledge with others across the globe.

GPS tracking and Camera apps

The invention of WiFi has come as a boon to apps across every field. Now when we talk about the impact of technology on education, we cannot confine our research to only classrooms and labs. Technology has spread its wings across the tools and gadgets used in school buses, location tracking, and parental control apps. Latest Web and Mobile apps accompany the advancements of camera use in school Buses. They can track any illegal passing with ease. Also, such Apps and Softwares are used by parents to ensure that their kids are safe while away at school or college.

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Latest use of Technology in the Educational Field

Through an extensive study on the rapid change of technology trends in education, we have found a number of facts and figures. Let’s have a look at the below figures to understand the need and use of technology in this sector better.

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Technology trends in education

Technology Vs Education - The conclusion

Technology is an integral part of our lives in the present time. It’s inevitable that it would touch every single aspect of our lifestyle. Therefore, despite its adverse effects, we must turn towards the brighter side and make the most of it. Our students are the pillars of our economic growth. Therefore, to have them get the best of education, we must equip them with latest technologies.

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